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    could you please add a link for the recovery utility!!

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    same here for TL-WPA281 V1

    hi all,
    i have the same problem for TL-WPA281 V1, couldn't pair with TL-PA511 UK V1
    i can access the TL-WPA281 from Power Line Scan found that the mac address and password are not as same as what written in the power line it self
    by the way i have four light indications
    1. power LED "with no light"
    2. power line LED "with no light"
    3. Ethernet LED "with green light"
    4. WIFI/WPS LED "with green light"

    when the power line is connected to the main router by Ethernet cable i can access internet through the power line WIFI

    the firmware are updated from TP link site

    now ill try this hope it will work


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