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    Kasa/HS100 needs SUNRISE/SUNSET plus/minus a user-supplied number of hours:minutes

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    The HS100 and HS110 WIFI enabled switches contain SUNRISE/SUNSET options that one can use when configuring the HS-100 to automatically control a light (or other device). But, inside a building or house it can become too dark to wait until SUNSET for the light to be activated (especially when the window is an east facing window). This functionality would be much more useful if a user-supplied number of minutes/hours that the unit would add/subtract to the SUNRISE/SUNSET derived times was available to the user. Please consider adding this feature to the Kasa App and/or HS100.

    While one could use the set times to turn on/off the light, these times would need to be updated regularly since the sun sets at a different time each day. Having to continuously reprogram the switch is laborious, especially if one has multiple units.

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    Yes, I second this. Back in the Stone Age, I had digital timers that turned on lights around sunset. Of course, eventually I had to adjust them for the change in the length of daylight, plus for Daylight Saving Time. When I got my HS100 Smartplugs, the first thing I did was try and set them to turn lights on and off at sunrise/sunset. I had some trouble at first, but I think the app was updated and it worked well enough. However, when I got my Wink Hub and some Cree smartbulbs, I found setting them to come on 15 minutes before sunset worked better. Of course, I put the bulbs in hardwired fixtures that I could not control with a Smartplug, but I still think this would be a good feature to have.

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    Junior Member mikegrmi is on a distinguished road
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    I was surprised the Kasa app didn't have this function, even my old X10 devices could be adjusted for this. It makes the sunrise and sunset feature worthless for anything indoors.

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    I agree. I also wonder how Kasa defines "sunset". My time zone is set correctly and the time is correct. However, my HS100's are turning on about one full hour before official sunset.

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    Not a great fix but it should work

    Go it to settings and manually change the longitude of your location 5 degrees one way or the other should give about 30 minutes change in sunset sunrise time.I live in Leeds but tell tplink I live in Amsterdam gets my sunset time 30 minutes earlier.Not a real fix but it might help some.Kev

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    I echo this request as well -- in fact just posted the same request before seeing this one. Outdoor lights often should be later than the official sunset time, while indoor should be earlier ... both needs can be addressed by providing the offset capability.

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    Consider deleting your other post to keep the conversation focused on one thread.

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    Junior Member pedror is on a distinguished road
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    +1 for this feature, we need to be able to offset from sunrise and sunset times!

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    I just posted a request for the same thing, so count me in as an owner and user who would really appreciate this functionality. http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....519#post209519

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    Amen to this request. I still use X-10 and both the ActiveHome and ActiveHome Vista software supports sunrise/sunset with offsets. I am looking to make the switch to the newer Wifi/Remote/Alexa technology but would hate to have to give up this functionality. As others have noted, early offsets for indoor lights, later offsets for outdoor lights, are usually needed with the sunset feature. Also, with multiple lights, different offset times are desirable to give the house a lived-in look (rather than everything going on at once). And sunrise times (with offsets) are also useful. Is anyone from TP-Link monitoring this thread, and are there plans to add that functionality to Kasa?

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    I'm also looking for an offset to sunset/sunrise. I'd like to buy the TP-Link Smart Plug but without an offset it isn't an option for me. :-( Any idea where to request this enhancement officially?

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    Hi guys, you can send a feedback to support@tp-link.com.
    The sunset and sunrise time is set according to the longitude.
    Kev provided a way. Manually changing.the longitude of your location will adjust the sunset and sun rise time.

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    Thank you for the email address. I requested the feature.

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    Support told me that the request will be forwarded to the senior engineer.

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    Offset is not planned by TP-Link :-( Support answered:

    "Sorry to tell that this feature will not add to the plug.
    The senior engineer has evaluate this feature and did not pass.
    You can set the specific schedule to turn on/off the lights at certain time"


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