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    I am surprised, I think it's an important feature too. I do support offsets in AutomationManager (click on my name to see more info if you really need it).

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    Angry Given the strength of feeling - that is a dreadful response from TP-link support

    I suggest the senior engineer tries a single lamp in his living room set to come on at sunset with no other lights being used. It comes on far too late. This is an easy change TP-Link already calculate the time of sunset in your area (and thats the difficult bit) so all they need is to apply an offset + or - 5 10 or 15 minutes if they don't want to give the user full control some can make it 13 minutes or what ever we want it to be. A scheduled time is totally useless unless it is adjusted every week to reflect local sunset times. Come on TP-link get another senior engineer to review this thread.

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    MikeP_AutomationManager - are there any plans to make on IOS version of your app?

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    Sunrise/sunset offsets no longer needed

    Thanks. I no longer need this feature. I have switched to Smart Things, which, in addition to having robust support for sunrise and sunset offset times, has many other automation capabilities that eclipses TP-Link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev reid View Post

    MikeP_AutomationManager - are there any plans to make on IOS version of your app?

    Nope, it's not really necessary. AutomationManager runs as a hub just like SmartThings.

    The difference is that the AutomationManager hub is a low end (or even old) upgradeable android device vs a proprietary (and somewhat expensive) Samsung device. SmartThings locks you back into a vendor cloud (owned by Samsung rather than TP Link) vs AutomationManager where you own your account - it runs on your google Drive cloud. When you're an iOS user you tuck your android hub away and access it from any web browser, AutomationManager will sit in the background and run all your automation including offsets from sunrise and sunset.

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    @wheindl: Which product do you use?

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    I have moved on to Samsung SmartThings, which supports sunrise/sunset offsets in several different ways.

    If you have legacy TP-Link devices (as I do) but are moving on to SmartThings, it's possible (using Stringify) to control TP-Link units indirectly by the SmartThings controller, using a virtual switch linked to the TP-Link switch via Stringify.

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    Actually if you're happy using vendor clouds you don't need to bother with AutomationManager nor SmartThings now that TP Link is enabled for stringify. I believe stringify supports sunrise/sunset offsets. Probably not the most responsive or reliable 'cause there's 2 clouds in the mix but I imagine it's good enough for this purpose.


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