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    Replaced old switch with SG2210P, but no internet ?

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    Our old switch broke so I was told to replace it with a SG2210P and a SM311LM module.

    It is connecting to the pc, but the light for the fibre are not lite.

    If the fibres are connected together the light works so I have been told the unit is ok.

    I have borrowed another switch from another building and connected up and I have internet at the pc.

    The borrowed unit is a Allied Telsis AT-FS717FC/SC and works fine but the SG2210P wont connect.

    Any help would be great as I have rung the help line so many time and get nowhere.


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    Can you login the SG2210P's setting page? What's the page show about the state of the SFP port?

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    Replaced old switch with SG2210P but no internet

    WITH MY SMART PLDT HOME i can only play properly at 11pm to 6 am no with lag but always getting disconnected from the internet


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