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    TL-MR6400 - IKEv2 VPN - Clients connect but not traffic

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

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    I have an operational IKEv2 VPN implemented with Strongswan.

    The VPN works well, however with the newly purchased TL-MR6400 clients can establish a VPN but traffic doesn't seem to route through.

    I have tested the following combinations:

    1. Sim card A, TL-MR6040, IPSec Passthrough - Enabled - No traffic
    2. Sim card A, huawei mifi - Works
    3. Sim card A, TL-MR6040, IPSec Passthrough - Enabled - No traffic
    4. Sim card B, huawei mifi - Works
    5. Sim card A, TL-MR6040, IPSec Passthrough - Disabled - No connection at all

    In scenario 1. above I am able to ping the VPN's public gateway address but nothing else.

    The network of Sim card A is Vodafone (Australia).

    The network address reported in TL-MR6400 status page is something like
    The network address reported in the VPN server (of the client, ie TL-MR6400) is (Hasn't changed in 3 reconnects).

    Firmware version is 1.012 Build 160322 Rel.33912n
    Hardware version is MR6400 v1 00000000

    Let me know if I can specify any further details.

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    Model: TL-MR6400
    Hardware version:
    1.0.12 Build 160322 Rel.33912n
    Firmware version:
    MR6400 v1 00000000
    ISP: Orange (LU), Bouygues Telecom, Swisscom


    I've the same symptoms. IKEv2 VPN connects but no
    passthrough(expect ping).
    Settings at "Security" >> "Basic Security" have no effect on data traffic in tunnel.

    This problem seems to be very similar to the MR200:
    - http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread.php?95980-Archer-MR200-Cisco-AnyConnect-passthrough
    - http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread.php?94393-problem-with-vpn-passthrough-in-Archer-MR200

    It will be great from TP-Link that the little brother of the MR200: the MR6400 could also get a beta firmware correcting this bug.


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    Junior Member Sw3r is on a distinguished road
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    Apr 2017
    It's crazy, i have a same problem on thegreebow IKEV1. The tunnel is up but it's not possible send traffic on the VPN. HELPPPPP

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    Good news: it also exists a beta (old) firmware for the TL-MR6400. I recently got a link from TP-Link support.
    This beta firmware upgrade (beta
    2016-09-06 15.01.35) solved my VPN (IKEv1/IKEv2) passthrough problems.

    My advice is to continue requesting support from TP-Link using their website (http://www.tp-link.com/support-contact.html#E-mail-Support), you might also be lucky.


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    Junior Member rc42 is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2018
    Exact same problem here. I have a Cisco 877 router connected to port LAN1 on the MR6400, it initiates a site to site VPN to another Cisco router across the internet with traffic passing through the MR6400.

    However, this will only work when using the MR6400 as a "Standard Wireless Router" with a wired connection to the internet in port LAN4/WAN. When operating as a "3G/4G Router" the VPN tunnel is created but no traffic is able to pass through it.

    I have raised a support query to see if a fix or the beta firmware are available

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    Junior Member rc42 is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2018
    Quick update, the latest firmware TL-MR6400(EU)_V2_170912 resolved this issue for me


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