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    TC-7620 modem won't connect to wireless

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    Strangely, the 7620 modem suddenly stopped connecting to my router (a Netgear). Internet works fine if I'm hardwired in though so it's a mystery. Here's what I tried:

    1. Swapped in new cable from modem to router (you never know...)
    2. Rebooted modem (repeatedly)
    3. Confirmed router was up to date - check!
    4. BOUGHT a new router just in case it was a router issue - it's not a router issue. That new one didn't work either.
    5. Wept insolably for a few hours.
    6. Called Comcast to re-confirm that the modem was in fact (still) registered and activated.


    Any thoughts anyone? My set up is pretty vanilla - no fancy port forwarding, proxies, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I also have the same trouble. Bought this new modem due to Comcast not supporting my old one. Hooked it up and everything was fine for a few days. Now I can only connect to the internet with hardwire. Anyone have any solutions and or possible cause for this problem? I called TP-Link tech support number, but nobody answered. Try again tomorrow.


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