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    AV1200 & 300mpbs AV500 wifi not working

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    I recenty purchased the AV1200 TL-WPA8630P KIT and the 300Mbps AV500 Wi-Fi Powerline Extender TL-WPA4220.

    The AV1200 kit works perfectly. TP-Link customer serviced recommend Iuse the AV500 to further extend my wifi to my garage and would be compatible with the AV1200.

    I can connect the AV500 as a powerline device but cannot get the wifi to work. I've used to AV500's utility to configure it but it and it is enabled but it still doesn't work as a wifi extender.


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    Was this eventually successful? I want to do the exact same thing
    AV1200 TL-WPA8630P KIT and add the TL-WPA4220.
    If so did it slow the AV1200 much?


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