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    TP-Link TL-SG1024D Energy consumption

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    I'm thinking about buying a TL-SG1024D but can't find much information about the energy consumption in various state.
    There's a lot talking about energy save this and green that but some numbers are not there.
    The only thing I could found is the for the 1024DE max.19.2W and for the 1024D max.14.6W.
    So, what is the energy use standby with no cables connected?
    What energy is used per port with cable length <20 meter?


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    I think TP-LINK has no this parameter you required.

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    TP Link TL SG1024D Energy consumption

    Thanks for several replies to my energy figures; especial thanks for the accurate gradient of the two hills, measured at 7 per cent, not the 10 per cent I had


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