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    Quote Originally Posted by Enson Loo View Post
    Have you tried it ? does it allow PPTP too?
    does it cause any other problems ?

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    i tried that it fixed all my vpn issue

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    Junior Member richieboy is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017

    Cool Same Issue

    Same issue - if you downgrade to 160706 the VPN works perfectly. Thanks for the advice!!

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    there is no traffic for pptp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaufen View Post
    there is no traffic for pptp.
    beta link for PPTP VPN fix

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    Hi Everyone,

    Can someone tell me how I can downgrade the firmware to 160706 version to make the IP SEC work? I downloaded the firmware then go to Advance Settings > System Tools > Firmware Upgrade then selected the .bin file and hit the upgrade button, the progress bar will continue until completion and eventually show an error code:4503 The uploaded file was not accepted.

    Your response will be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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    Hi richieboy.

    Would you be able to share the step you took to downgrade the firmware, I m getting an error saying the file is not being accepted.


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