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    Message says "Device is bound to another user account"

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    Newbie here. I successfully set up one device (called Plug 1). Tried setting up a second device (called Noise Machine). Device is set up but when I tried to enable remote control, I received a pop-up message stating "Remote control disabled. This device is bound to another user account".

    What am I doing wrong? I can't tie it to Alexa unless I can get remote control enabled.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I got this error at one point in setting my Smartplugs up. However, I did actually have them tied to my first Kasa account, which I then made a second account. I got rid of it by doing a Factory Reset on the plug. I would suggest when you set the Smartplug up, make sure your Smart Device is on the same network you are putting the Smartplug on.

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    I've just bought an HS110 second hand. I've set it up as per the instructions and have Local control via my Android phone. However, I need Remote Control to use Alexa.
    When I set the Remote Control to ON, I get the message "This Device is bound to another user account. We cannot activate the remote control function on this device through your account. You can perform a factory reset to remove account association".

    I have tried Factory Reset several times, but I still get the same message when I set up the plug again.

    Is there any other way to unbind the account?
    Is there any other way to factory reset the plug beside the 10 second hold of the top button?

    Suggestions please!

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    Junior Member rnzf00 is on a distinguished road
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    having the same issue - anyone have any ideas?

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    Junior Member DH1981 is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2017

    "Remote Control is disabled because the device belongs to a different account."

    Did anyone get a resolution to this? No matter what I try, I can never activate Remote Control: "Remote Control is disabled because the device belongs to a different account."

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Same thing here. Does anyone monitor these forums? I have also done several Factory resets, and removed the smart plug from my account. But it still says that it is bound to another account when I try and set it up again.

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    Junior Member DougM38 is on a distinguished road
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    Same message here with my HS105. Have factory reset several times, no effect. Drops connection often and loses remote control until I unplug and plug it back in. Useless as a remote control plug.

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    Please contact the technical support team by email or hotline, and provide the model, MAC address and SN of your device. http://www.tp-link.com/en/support-contact.html
    We will help unbundled your device to the previous cloud account, then please reconfigure it.

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    I did what they recommended, but TP Link was unable to disconnect my plug from the other account. I have been waiting for tech support for about a week to contact me for another way to disconnect my plug.

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    That's a bit disturbing... so getting a device that'd been returned or buying/selling one on ebay might be a problem! I would have thought that resetting the device and then perhaps resetting the app on your phone would have disconnected it - this is not the case? Would you mind letting us know how they resolve the problem?


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