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    Question TL-SG 2008 Firmware 1.04

    Model :

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]


    I have a TL-SG2008 and it has had the firmware 1.04. I made a mistake and did a firmware upgrade with the firmware 1.03.
    Now the switch has the firmware 1.03. I want to have the firmware 1.04 back on my switch but it isn't available in the Download Center.

    Where can I get the firmware 1.04?


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    It is advised to use the latest firmware, since it has fixed some bugs and improved some functions. But if you insist to degrade, you can contact the supporter for help.

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    1.04 ist the latest firmware for TL-SG 2008. All new switches have this firmware. But it isn't published! Why?

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    TL SG 2008 Firmware 1 04

    Hey All - is there a version of the test firmware for the V4 SSC and it's just not linked on the wiki? Or did that never get ported over to the V4?

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    Please write details instruction.
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    hey dude, the latest firmware on the official website is most reliable, other betas may be harmful


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