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Thread: Tp-w9970

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    Model :

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    In reference to

    I have a TP-W9970 v1 000000000 Hardware With TD-W9970_V1_150831 firmware bought at officeworks in Perth Australia

    I want to use it with Australian nbn with iinet
    The TD-W9970(EU)_V1_160705 firmware states
    "2.Improved upload speed on Austuralia VDSL line.
    3.Enable G.INP."

    G.INP is required with nbn

    Also boombroadband appear to be using the EU version and that is the version that they would have certified with nbn

    So can I flash my tp-w9970 with the latest EU firmware?

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    Model of your router?
    Lights are blinking normally, right? If you are not sure, refer to its user guide which can be found on TP-LINK website.
    Did you try to reset and reconfigure it?
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    Your a bot right...

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    Try to this

    Destination MAC - this is the MAC address of the Pi. Destination IP and Mask. Enter the Pi's IP and use a mask of (or - this may vary by what the router expects. The Pi must be at a static LAN IP, so it never changes. The MAC and/or IP may be optional, that is, you may have to only enter one of the two. No harm doing both anyway. The IP can also be a range of IP addresses, with a netmask to match. (usually not needed for a single PC) Port range - enter the port, or range of ports. You could specify all ports (1-65,535), it makes no difference if this is the only QoS rule. Now, the confusing part: Source MAC - if this is the Internet, there should be none, so try to leave it blank. Source IP could also be blank, or perhaps, netmask 0. This means "any" source. Source port range, can be specific port range for app, or all ports.


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