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    UH400 hub prevents Windows 10 from starting/restart/reboot

    Model :

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I had a usb 3.0 hub made by Valore. It was connected to usb 3.0 port and connected to a WD My Passport external drive. Computer works fine booting and rebooting, no problems at all.

    Saw this slick looking UH400 usb 3.0 hub so I bought it to replace the old hub. Did the same thing - connect to usb 3.0 port & connected WD My Passport to the hub. When I boot up computer, boot gets stuck at Dell (my laptop brand) splash screen and hangs there. It wouldn't boot past this screen and the windows logo does not appear. No activity on the hard drive at all!

    I thought maybe the WD external drive is preventing the boot so I unplugged it. Nothing happens. So I restarted computer and again stuck at splash screen. However, as soon as I unplug UH400 hub, the computer continues to boot into Windows! The hub is stopping the boot!

    I have already updated to latest BIOS. Also checked the boot sequence and USB is 3rd on the list.

    Why does this happen? No problems at all on the old Valore usb hub but this TP-Link hub is nothing but trouble. Can't expect me to plug and unplug the hub everytime I want to boot the computer because it'll be ridiculous.

    I've contact TP-Link tech support and they can't fix it. Keeps claiming unable to reproduce this problem at their end. I've given up.

    Does anyone have a fix to this?

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    UH400 hub prevents Windows 10 from starting/restart/reboot

    Tried testing it out and that did not seem to work. How can I do this? Thanks,Scott


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