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    After some weeks i can say that the "AP500(EU)_V1_170823_beta" did not work for me.
    In one room between my two APs i had connection issues with android devices. I always had a wireless connection (no drop) but for minutes i could not open a website. Wireless off/on fixed it just for some minutes.
    So i roled back to my initial beta version from 2016 - Issue gone.

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    TP-Link offered a new Beta firmware. AP500_un-up-ver1-0-0-P1[20180201-rel40058] - won't work for me. WiFi is very unstable, Device is unusable.

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    AP500 are causing IP-Spoofs on our firewall with described Firmware. Firewall (Sonicwall) is blocking network traffic. Other APs don't have this problem. Device is still unusable for us. Hoping, this error will be fixed soon!


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