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    Exclamation MR3040 unable to establish connection after firmware upgrade

    Model : TL-MR3040

    Hardware Version : 2

    Firmware Version : 3.17.1 Build 150921 Rel.63267n

    ISP : BSNL

    I recently upgraded firmware of my TL-MR3040 to the latest one. The hardware version of router is 2. I am using EVDO modem to connect to the internet but after the upgrade, it just won't connect even after providing right credentials such as username, password and dial number. Also, the country and operator of the ISP can't be changed and is fixed at USA and AT&T in place of country and operator respectively.

    Please help me ASAP.
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    Do you perform the upgradation through wireless?

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    Have you checked whether your modem is in the compatibility list: http://www.tp-link.in/support/3g-com...odel=TL-MR3040 ?
    If the modem is not in the compatibility list, it is possible that the old firmware can work while the new one cannot.


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