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    MC200CM not working?

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    I have recently purchased an MC200CM. The setup is as follows: Router to cat5e cable to MC200CM 150 foot Multi-mode 62.5/125 cable to MC200CM to cat6 cable to router. The fiber cable was supposed to be in place of a regular copper cable. This setup doesn't seem to work, I get NO ​Internet connection. Please help!

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    Have you tried to use Force Mode in both sides? And what is the LED status when they do not work?

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    Yes, I have tried force more on both sides. No luck. All of the lights are green EXCEPT for the Rx light, it just blinks.

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    oh, why not contact the supporter directly for help?

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    And please take in mind the MC200CM is 1000Base-TX<-->1000Base-X, which means this converter can only work in Gigabit Network. Please check the Port speed of your routers.

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    All of the lights are green EXCEPT for the Rx light, it just blinks.
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    MC200CM not working

    The dash lights are not operational, the fuel gauge and oil pressure work too.

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    MC200CM not working

    Shorting the wire to the sender to ground is the easiest way to identify a wiring issue. However, I very much doubt it is the IPVR since it also operates the fuel gage, so if it is working then it is not that. It could be a connection at the back of the cluster.


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