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    TL-WA801N and IPv6

    Model : TL-WA801N
    Hardware Version : v2
    Firmware Version : 3.16.9 Build 150422


    it is possible to implement IPv6 support in the next firmware of this AccessPoint?
    Here is a screenshot about the model.

    Look forward to a feedback signal!

    Thans in advance
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    it does not support.

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    Yes, I know...
    ...it is possible to implement IPv6 support in the next Firmware...

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    Next firmware i think would not support IPV6 still. Maybe in the future that would support.

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    Actually, if you're using it as an access point, your IPv6 traffic will work just fine! (Of course you can only access the configuration panel from IPv4 though.)

    The only trouble is that IPv6 stateless autoconfiguration uses ethernet multicast addresses, which this device does not support (this is a bug in the device -- it should support this, since multicast packets are part of the ethernet standard). I worked around this problem by setting up my Linux-based router to use the ethernet broadcast address instead of multicast addresses. It works great! All my wireless devices have IPv6 access through this device now. Even though it supposedly "doesn't support IPv6"!

    Mighty ebtables be praised!


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