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    Angry TL-POE150S - broken?

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    Hardware Version : Not Clear

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    I got a cisco AP from a friend and thought that I would try to install it at home, so I bought the TL-POE150S and installed it.
    But I got no respons from the cisco and when I tried to measure if there was any power coming from the TL-POE150s output, it shows 0V.

    I would assume that it is broken if i got 0 voltage out?

    Sorry for the lack of grammar, im swedish

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    If you got 0 voltage out - it's broken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaufen View Post
    If you got 0 voltage out - it's broken.
    It wasnt!I bought the poe rj45 test module and the cisco turned on when i got the test module between... so i tried it without it but with a network cable with type a and b in each ends, then only b and a, but it doesnt make a diffrent. It only works with the test module between..Does the POE injector have some kind of passive output and wont recognize my cisco ap?


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