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    I have exactly the same issue but the NC250 camera. Have you found a solution to his problem?

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    I have had xtensive dialogue with TP-Link who are extremely helpful, however, their questions are related to the general settings and I am not sure they understand that the cameras stopped working suddenly WITHOUT any change in settings on my part. In my view, this problem is caused by some programming change or update made by TP-Link. I have spent 1 week communicating with TP-Link and all my settings are correct. They ask me to check my spam mail, which I naturally did before I even contacted TP-Link or wrote in this forum.

    Honestly, I have given up! I can sit right in front of my NC220 without any e-mail whatsoever to alert of motion. Another NC220 works ONLY during night if flashed with a flash light.

    Instead I have purchased NETATMO Welcome which work like a dream. They even know when I leave the house (cell-phone triggers) and start automatically. They recognize my face and according to settings will not record when I walk around the house. The NETATMO door tags work smoothly.

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    Junior Member mbover is on a distinguished road
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    still not fixed!

    I cant believe this is still an issue.
    i have same think was working for months no change to device and now will not email,
    test email works .
    Surely this must be a firmware issue? is their a way to hard reset the device.
    cheers all

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    How about using APP notification?


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