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    Please help with TL-SG2210P- no internet connection for connected devices

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    Id like to ask for some help with my new TL-SG2210P switch which Im using with the latest firmware.
    The problem is that devices connected to the switch do not have internet access.
    The strane thing is that I even cant access the router with a computer which is connected to the switch.
    I thried to install an older firmware and with the older firmware I was able to access the router but there was still no internet connection for the devices connected to the swicth.

    Any idea what I could try to do? By the way my router is a AVM Fritz!Box 7490 and it does not block the internet connection for the switch.


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    If you have not changed the IP address of the switch, the IP address of the switch should be If IP address of your router is also, I guess it is the cause of your problem. Please change the LAN IP of your router to another one, for example; Also, you can connect only a PC to the switch and designate a static IP address for it ( for example, and then I am sure you can login to the web page of the switch, and then you can change the switch's IP address. Anyway, please take in mind, the IP address in the same network can not be the same. If it still does not work, please reset your switch first.
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    I have the same problem. I have 2 TP-Link switches the SG2424 handling the wired network and the SG2210P powering 2 xclaim wireless APs, plus a camera. The 2 switches are plugged into 2 separate ports of a edgerouter lite and set to bridged connection.

    When on the SG22424 I can access the router and both switch webpages so I can see across both switches, and I can access the camera on the SG2210P so I know I can see correctly across the switches.

    If I plug the APs into the sg2424 and use POE injectors all is good and they get internet access. If I plug them into the SG2210P so I can lose the injectors then they get power but no internet. I have reset the switch several times, it has a dynamic IP from the router and no other changes made. As the 2 Ethernet ports the switches are on are bridged their firewall policies are the same so I have no idea why I cant access the internet from this switch.

    I also tried setting up an LAG between the 2 switches and connecting them directly with the SG2424 to the router. Whilst I could ping between the switches, I still couldn't get internet access from the SG2210P.

    Is this a hardware fault or a setting problem?


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    Unhappy Same Problem here

    I have connected the switch to a router.
    I can ping from the router to the switch or any PC connected either to the router or the switch, and from the switch I can ping to any PC connected to the router or the switch but I can not ping the router and have no internet access.

    Whats wrong? Is this a configuration problem?
    I have no set any vlan or anything else in the switch yet.
    And I have diferent IPs set in the router, the switch and PCs, and all is in the same subnet mask.

    Any help would be very appreciated

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    Having same issue any solution


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