I'm pretty sure this isn't TP-Links fault.

I have an ASUS X370 Prime Pro board here. It shut down my 2210P, so I plugged it into a Cisco/Linksys SRW2008P. It shut that down the same way, but not before letting the magic smoke out of the NIC on the motherboard. Even after the motherboard was fried (ie no carrier on the NIC no matter what it was plugged into), it would still shut down the PoE switches. I wasn't game to plug it into an old Cisco 3550 I have here, and I'm sure as heck not plugging the replacement board into a PoE switch!

These ASUS boards with "LANGUARD" on them seem to have some surge protection devices to GND wired in such a fashion to cause this issue, and as I found out if you plug them into a beefy enough switch that is set up "just wrong", you'll smoke the network adapter on the motherboard.