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    4G-router internet sharing (LAN/WLAN) fails several times/day (requires router re-start)

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    I have the TL-MR6400 4G-router but the internet connection to my devices (both wireless and by wire) fails several times per day. The only help is to re-start the router and then the connection works fine again. The 4G signal strength is maximum all the time so the 4G network isn't the problem. It seems that the router gets stuck somehow and stops sharing the connection to all devices, both on WLAN and connected by cable to the router. This happens every day, usually several times per day. Does anybody now if there is a fix to this problem, for example by changing some settings? Or do I have to return it to my dealer? I already have the latest firmware version installed.

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    I have the same problem. Any help?

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    do you have laptops with killer Wi-Fi? if so, you can try this beta firmware.

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    Same thinks for i'll try to put the beta firmware thanks a lot


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