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    UH700 issues on Windows XP

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    I bought a new UH700 and installed it on Windows XP. It's plugged into a USB 3.0 jack. It seems to work fine with USB 3.0 thumb drives. It won't recognize any of my USB 2.0 thumb drives. In Device Manager, it shows up with a yellow exclamation point and is shown as a USB 2.0 Hub. Are there drivers available for download?

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    This really is a 7-port USB hub for extending the input capacity on your computer. This really is, by plugging in that hub to some USB port on your personal computer, you might then have the ability toconnect 7 USB devices in to the hub and run them all simultaneously. Inside the box, you have the hub itself, a power transformer, an electrical cord that runs via the transformer to the hub, an electric power cord that runs out of the wall socket towards transformer, with a USB 3 cord that runs within the hub for your computer. The hub includes a compact footprint, measuring 6.5x2.75x0.75". It is actually black plastic and hasa power button on the top surface. After the power is on, a dim blue LED light shows upon your power button. Similarly, there can be dim blue LED lights by every one of the 7 USB ports showingwhile they are active. Although 7 USB ports are rated for USB 3., they are backwards works with USB 2. and 1.1. Together with the 7 standard USB 3 ports in the front side of this hub, there exist 2 USB charging ports about the side, for charging devices similar to phones or tablets. These charging ports supply nearly 2.4A; the hub will adjust current if neededon your device. The USB cord is 39" long (1 meter). The energy cord that connects the transformer to wall socket is short, just 20" (.5 meter). But thepower cordon the transformer with the hub is a full 6 feet, giving almost an 8' reach from power outlet towards hub. You will need a separate wall plug for traveling, though the transformer accepts both 110 and 220 V input.
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