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    Junior Member ngavvt is on a distinguished road
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    May 2017
    It's Ok. thank you

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    Thanks for the post. Very full and useful
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryPSU View Post
    The newest IOS app works with the cloud access, but does not find the camera locally. Ditto for the Android app.
    I see ios has applied cloud but few people are wary of it

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    Junior Member chemistry21 is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2017
    I Upgrade the firmware of IP camera but the problem exist.

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    Junior Member Leonie is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2017
    Thanks its really helpful and Can you do it for me. ?
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    nc230 fails to set up

    frustrated again.. I'm trying to set up nc230.. sometimes camera not found, then it's found and after the set password page it says network problem..then goes back to set PW page.
    I have 2 other tp cams at a different location/router (my Dads house) is that why?
    green light solid and its plugged in via ethernet wire to router.

    do I need to open a port in the firewall of router or what?

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    good, I have a serious problem with an NC200 I recently updated it through the Android application, everything went fine but after restarting the application did not recognize me, and the NC200 stayed with the red light bulb, I gave it the reset button for 5, 10.15 seconds and nothing, and when I connect it to the PC, sometimes its program recognizes it but it only shows the MAC information and all the other fields are blank, someone knows how to introduce the firmware again.

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    Junior Member tiudaman is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2018

    Having problems connecting NC450 to wifi router using WPS. As instructed, I tried pressing WPS button on router then on NC450, but flashing green light always turns to red instead of a steady green one. Was ale to connect and use the camera and the connection before. Was having problems when we switched net provider.

    Need HELP.. Thank you!

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    Mar 2018
    thanks for sharing this content ...

    best wishes
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