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    (Solved) TL-ER6020 unable to disable ALG

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    Hi All

    My voip telephone stopped working after we started using TL-ER6020.
    My guess is that itīs ALG causing this, but everytime i try to disable it and clicks save it just returns to disabled.

    I have updated to latest firmware.
    Firmware Version: 1.1.0 Build 20150416 Rel.35252
    Hardware Version: TL-ER6020 v1.0

    Right now iīm using our 3 years old router, but i would like to start using our new TL-ER6020.

    What do i do?
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    Lightbulb Solution

    Tried compatibility view in internet explorer
    Tried Goole Chrome
    Tried Firefox
    Tried to restart a bunch of times
    Tried through telnet, but could's change it from there
    Tried uploading the firmware Again

    The solution was to take an old firmware
    - After the downgrade i could disable ALG items.

    How can TP Link release a firmware where you canīt enable or disable ALG options, and still after 8 monts still haven't fixed it yet.

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    Members Ada is on a distinguished road
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    I will feedback it to their support to urge them to solve the problem soon. But I think it may be because there are little people need to disable this function.

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    I have the same problem in disabling SIP ALG on the TL-ER6020. There are many SIP trunk providers that request that this be disable in routers in order for the SIP trunks to work correctly. Please let me know if there is any current fix for this.

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    Junior Member xentron is on a distinguished road
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    bug in formware

    bug is reported to tp link netherlands for now the only working fix is to downgrade then you can disable SIP ALG. After saving this you can upgrade again and the router settings wil stay as before the upgrade. Then again you are still not able to change ste state of the SIP ALG but you have you preferred setting that is unchangeable


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