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    Two TL-SG108s linked - ONLY showing 100MBs between them.

    Model :

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hey all,

    I have purchased two TL-SG108s to run in a chain. I know these are unmanaged switches, but you would expect them to be smart enough to see each other as Gigabit connections, and use the maximum they can.

    Here's my situation.
    I am connected from a Router to a switch room. Router => #1 SG108 --- This recognizes the Gigabit port from the router.
    The #1 SG108 connects thru to another room where I have #2 SG108 --- This only recognizes the port as 100MBs
    My computer in the same room as #2 sees it as Gigabit, but the connection to the other SG108 slows it down, due to it's 100MBs uplink.

    I disconnected the #2 switch, and connected directly from the computer to the wall -> #1 SG108. This recognized as 1GBs speed.

    I was able to confirm the speed differences using SpeedTest. I have a 105MBs connection from Comcast.
    When I connect directly from the Computer thru the wall cabling to #1 SG108, I get 125MBs speeds. Really nice.
    When I connect from Computer -> #2 -> Wall Cabling -> #1, the speed drops to 92.

    Does anyone know why these switches would not see each other properly and use max speed? Is there anything I can do to change this? The fact that they are not managed suggests there is nothing I can do. However, that is pretty bad if you can't chain these Gigabit Switches together w/o seeing the maximum throughtput between them.

    Thanks in advance!

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    TL-SG108--TL-SG108, then how do know the speed is 100M rather other? I think if your ISP is 105M, it is normal if the result of the speedtest is 92M.

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