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    Lightbulb VLAN transfer and management VLAN introduction

    Suitable for: Pharos series products including CPE510, CPE210, WBS510, etc
    Based on Beta:

    VLAN transfer and management VLAN introduction

    Does Pharos CPE/WBS support VLAN transfer?

    Pharos CPE/WBS can transfer VLAN through wireless connection, refer to below topology, VALN1 and VLAN2 can be transferred between AP and client.

    The WLAN port on CPE/WBS can’t add or identify VLAN tag of the coming frame, it will directly encapsulate the Ethernet frame with tag to radio frame, all the frames with different VLAN tag can pass through, just similar as VLAN switch’s trunk port.

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    New feature on Pharos CPE/WBS: Management VLAN

    Beta (TP_PharOS_1.3.3_151112_Beta) has added management VLAN option under network menu:
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    a). As showed above, when management interface is enabled, you need to manually type in a VLAN ID, management IP and mask.
    b). The management VLAN IP should not be in the same subnet of LAN, it’s an independent IP which is only used for login Pharos CPE/WBS’ webpage.
    c). The VLAN ID can be set to 2 or above, only the corresponding devices in the same VLAN and subnet can access Pharos CPE/WBS’ management interface.

    Below is a topology about this new feature:
    All the devices in VLAN2 with IP 192.168.1.x can access AP’s management webpage through and access client’s management webpage through

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    Attention1: Multi-SSID with management VLAN

    When both Multi-SSID and management VLAN has been enabled on AP, there is something special need your attention. (eg: set management VLAN ID to 2 and set Multi-SSID as below)
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    1.The devices in VLAN2 (eg: devices behind a VLAN switch) which connected to SSID ‘CPE510-AP-2’ will be able to access AP’s management webpage.
    2.The client devices (eg: laptop/phone) which connected directly to SSID ‘CPE510-AP-2’ are not able to login AP’s management webpage.
    3.SSID ‘CPE510-ap-2’ will only be used for login AP’s management webpage, all the clients connected to it through wireless have no access to VLAN2 before AP.

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    Attenton2: Incompatible with Pharos Control

    For now, there are some compatibility issue between Pharos Control and this new management VLAN feature, please don’t use Pharos Control for central management when you enabled management VLAN.


    Management VLAN is a totally new feature required by some customers, so it may not be as perfect as you want now, we only add it in this beta (TP_PharOS_1.3.3_151112_Beta) for user’s test, any suggestions or feedback will be appreciated.

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    VLAN transfer and management VLAN introduction

    Im more wondering if the rockers are different from the old 5.7 to the 6.1s. I thought they are the same but that reads as they are not?


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