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    NC220 iSpy Setup Guide

    Model :

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi all,

    I now have added the TP-Link NC220 to iSpy:

    VLC Plugin used

    Sound URL - http://admin:YWRtaW4=@MYIP:8080/stream/audio/wavpcm

    Video URL - http://admin:YWRtaW4=@MYIP:8080/stream/video/mjpeg

    This set up is assuming the password of admin is used.. Use base64 as others suggested - https://www.base64decode.org/

    orks well.

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    Wow!!! :d

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    NC220 iSpy Setup Guide

    Hi Darant,
    using VLC String with "GUEST" instead of "ADMIN" creates "VLC-Error" - using ADMIN as proposed by you looks like therefor OK, but will do nothing (no reaction at all)

    could you retrace sucessfully ?

    What else do I need to test ?

    TIA Axel

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    GUEST as password or username?

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    NC220 iSpy Setup Guide

    I believe as User ...in that way: ttp://guest:YWRtaW4=@
    User and PW should be the same

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    Tx it works

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    hi guys,

    this setup is not working with my camera
    What's wrong?
    Step by Step:

    1.Starting iSpy
    2."Add" and "IP CAMERA"
    3.Use "VLC PLUGIN" and insert: http://admin:12345=@
    4. no Error but no video image

    look at my screenshotsName:  screen1.jpg
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    Junior Member Bryane is on a distinguished road
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    Red face Better late than never? This works....

    If anyone's still having trouble - these settings worked for me: my cam firmware is 2.0.15 Build 150701 Rel.20962
    I'm pretty sure it will work with firmware >= this one....

    setup camera source as VLC plugin link

    video source:
    http://admin:base64password@192.168....tream/getvideo [with your own ip obviously]

    Audio will not work.

    to get audio - "add a microphone" from the settings-edit camera interface (just below where you selected the [...] to choose video source. The section is entitled Microphone. Click new-->next. Then click the [...] and paste your VLC plugin audio source... Done!
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    I don't know why I didn't try this the first time - but I finally figured it out - all you need to do is change the "getvideo" to "getaudio" (again as a VLC plugin link)
    http://admin:base64password@192.168....tream/getaudio [with your own ip obviously]

    This will attach the audio source to your camera and you'll have sound. With RTSP/FFMPEG(H264) connections, the video and audio are mixed together in one stream. Because of the mjpeg codec, the audio stream is separate on this camera. But doing this makes it work!

    The audio will be a separate section below the video window in the iSPY layout window. But the main camera window's 'listen' button will also work. I guess you could have the video trigger the audio or the audio device trigger the video this way if you had separate audio devices.

    Happy iSPYing


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