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    Unhappy TL-R470T+ v4.0 - DHCP send DHCP-DISCOVERY timeout

    Model :

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hello ,
    I have TL-R470T+ v4.0 and I want to use Link Backup option on these router . So I have two ISPs : A and B .
    ISP A is optic and static , so there is no problems , but my second ISP B is on DHCP and I cannot receive IP settings.
    On WAN1 port is directly conneted cable from ISP A with static IP . On WAN2 we have Cisco
    EPC2202 VoIP Cable Modem ISP B with dinamic IP .
    So am I need some advanced configurations to do for this Cisco modem on my TP-Link ?
    Cisco modem use only DHCP !

    These are tests I allready done on Tp-Link.
    1. Try to connect Cisco modem on every one WAN port on Tp-Link
    2 Try to change my MAC adress
    3. Try to disable firewall on Tp-Link
    4. Try with diffrend cables
    5. Try with "
    Use the following DNS Server"

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    Hi Velinpetrow, if the Cisco EPC2202 is only a Modem, I think you just connect it to the R470T+ directly and then choose the Dynamic IP in the R470T+. But as you have two lines, you should configure as least two WAN ports in R470T+. If you are not familar with EPC2202, why not contact the Cisco supporter for help?

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