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    MAC filtering doesn't work

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    Hardware Version : Not Clear

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    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Model: TL-WA5110G

    Dear All,
    I connect my devices to the router through MAC filter. It was working well till I entered a repeater. during this process i reset my router to factory setting many times (as trial) then I started my network with the same MAC filter (plus repeater MAC address). Now many devices can access my network, even with MAC filter !!!

    Do you have any idea about what happened or how to solve ?

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    Junior Member LewisHayden is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2016
    Each device you own comes with a unique media access control address (MAC address) that identifies it on a network. Normally, a router allows any device to connect as long as it knows the appropriate pass phrase. With MAC address filtering a router will first compare a device’s MAC address against an approved list of MAC addresses and only allow a device onto the Wi-Fi network if its MAC address has been specifically approved.

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    Junior Member maureenash is on a distinguished road
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    Either MAC filtering mode is pretty trivial to bypass because MAC addresses are not a permanent identifier, and they're always transmitted in the clear over the air. So, anyone can change their MAC address to whatever they want as well as see the MAC addresses of any device in range.Writing services are guaranteed to get high confidentiality and maintain students privacy.


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