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    Firewall allows everything by default?

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    I have a TL-ER6120 v1.0.

    I have allow rules in the firewall section, and specifically SMTP allow rules that allow incoming SMTP from certain IP's (to accommodate our email filtering service).
    I noticed this morning an email that looked suspicious and looked at the headers and saw it did not go through our email filtering service, but came direct to our IP.

    I checked my rules and only had the allow for SMTP from the specified IP's. I tested port 25 from a remote PC and sure enough, I could connect to port 25 from the outside.

    There isn't, specifically, a DENY ALL rule at a lower priority. Do I need one or should the firewall in this device be blocking everything that isn't allowed? When I tried entering one that blocked ANY IP, ANY service on WAN1, and put it at the lowest priority, it basically stopped the internet from working.



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    The system is a white list as default, so if you want to allow a IP only, you should set a block all rule and give it a lower priority.

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    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have a TL-ER6120 v1.0.
    I was having same issue last year when i was employed at essayplus but I guess there are few threads already solved on this issue, you can surely check them out.

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    Only Online Armor Free automatically trusts networks Do my Essay for me that you're connected to which is a big security risk so I would recommend Como do if you use wireless networks a lot and either Commode or Online Armor if you connect your computer directly into the internet by wire.


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