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    High RxBadPkt on TL-SG108E

    Model : TL-SG108E

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 1.1.2 Build 20141017 Rel. 50749

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I'm getting very high RxBadPkt on ports configured as VLAN access port. Setup is Router - Cisco switch - TP-Link01 - TP-Link02. Cisco shows no errors or dropped packages. On the trunk ports (Tagged) of the TP-link switches the RXBadPkt is the total count of the RxBadPkt packages connected to a configured access port ( Untagged 802.1Q PVID). Connecting the same device (laptop or AP) to a port without a configured PVID (so default PVID1) on either switch the RxBadPkt is 0 and stays 0. I'm not noticing bad performance on the access ports but the high RxBadPkt seems really strange. What could be the cause of this?

    Configuration of the second TP-Link switch with a connected access point on port 8 with configured VLAN:

    Name:  Config_switch-02.jpg
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    Configuration of the first switch:

    Name:  Config_switch-01.jpg
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    Now monitoring the statistics shows a lot of RxBadPkt when Access Point is connected to VLAN on port 8 (Monitoring was refreshed shortly before screenshot):

    Name:  Switch-02_RxBadPkt.jpg
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    Same on switch 01:

    Name:  Switch-01_RxBadPkt.jpg
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    Connecting access point (or whatever device) to a port without a configured VLAN shows no RxBadPkt. In this case connected to port 5 on switch 1. Same result on switch 2. The same device on a configured VLAN and the RxBadPkt sky rockets very quickly.

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    edegrave, anything ever come of this? I have the same problem with VLANadn RxBadPkt.

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    Have anyone found the solution for this problem?

    I also experience this problem and it only happens when there is traffic on wireless networks. If i un-plug and turn off the Access Point and leave only wired connections, there are no errors.

    On my switch TL-SG108E (v1.0) the port 1 connects to my router TL-ER5120, port 2 connects to my access point TL-WA901ND and port 3 connects to a TL-SG1016 unmanaged switch.


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    Sorry for late response, haven't visited the forum in a while. Nothing came out of the support request. They stated that it was not possible to reproduce. I find that hard to believe since it was easy to reproduce even in a completely different environment.
    Anyways, it doesn't seem to effect the actual workings of the switch, it must be bad reporting since I have no network problems. I did find it disturbing and it gave me a feeling of unreliability. So after some searching I just took the dive and bought 2x Cisco SG200-08. More expensive but works flawless and has a normal webinterface.

    I don't expect TP-Link to do any more work on the V1 firmware since V2 is now for sale. So, ignore the problem or just get another switch.

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    Hi, I have the same problem. On tagged VLAN interfaces I see large RxBadPkt numbers. I'm using revision V2. I have two tagged VLAN interfaces, rest is untagged. On both tagged interfaces I have connected MikroTik routers.

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    I have the same problem with TL-SG108E V2 connected to mikrotik hAP ac. Interface connected to mikrotik have many errors. The same thing is on all other interfaces in the same VLAN.

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    I am having the same problem, mine is the V1. It happens on tagged and untagged ports


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