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    Question CR700 Cable Modem and Router

    Model :

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    Has anyone used the CR700 only as a modem (with router function disabled)? I'd like to use the CR700 as a modem on Time Warner Cable and continue to use my Archer C9 as the router. Or would it be necessary to set up the Archer C9 as a Wi-Fi repeater, or in bridge mode? Thanks.

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    It doesn't matter what you set up in the Archer C9. You can also try it by yourself.

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    You have just configure the C9 as a commom router. Dynamic IP or PPPoE is OK

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    Can the CR200 be used as JUST a modem on Time Warner Cable at 300 Mbps? (i.e., like the ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem.)
    Both the CR200 and SB6183 are on Time Warner Cable's approved list for 300 Mbps, and both have 16 download and 4 upload channels.
    I just want to confirm that the CR200 will work as JUST a modem before acquiring it.

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    CR700 can be used as a modem only.
    On its web interface, go to Advanced and we can select Operation mode. You can choose bridge mode.
    Hope it helps.

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    Question Configuration

    Will this work?
    CR700 (for Cable Modem function only): Just disable DHCP and Wi-Fi. IP=
    C9: Use normal router configuration settings. IP=

    Is the WAN port of the C9 connected to a LAN port on the CR700?
    Or is a C9 LAN port connected to a LAN port on the CR700?

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    Select bridge mode and disable Wi-Fi on CR700.
    Connect its LAN port to WAN port of C9.

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    CR700 Bridge Mode

    I have set my CR700 to bridge mode and connected the LAN port 1 to the WAN port on my TP-Link 3150 and get no internet at all. I also tried plugging in LAN to a PC and still doesn't work. Have to reset the modem for it to work again but not in bridge mode. Any help would be appreciated. I am on TWC or Spectrum now. Firmware v1.0.3 Build 20150413 Rel12122 Hardware V1.1


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    CR700 Bridge Mode Case#2x

    Same boat for me... can't really stand how how limited this modem/router is.My 1st red flag was the fact I could not assign static IPs to MACs on my LAN which I took for granted as having this functionality during my research. The next red flag was when I recently tried to configure a VPN via L2TP... [Hands up and and 2-passing claps in opposite directions]. I now need to use this expensive modem in bridge mode and can't even get that working. Any thoughts on how to use the CR700 as a modem in bridge mode (aside from simply selecting the "Operation Mode" to which is already understood/failed) to save me from repeating negative results would be great. Hardware Version: V1.1_Software Version: v1.0.3 Build 20150413 Rel12120

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    CR700 Cable Modem and Router

    OK, so why are you trying to connect the modem to the PC? It needs to connect to the router, and that should be via an RJ45 ethernet cable.

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    CR700 Cable Modem and Router

    Is it possible to connect a desktop with a router, using a 20 metre lan cable, without using a switch? Sent from somewhere...

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    I bought a independent router recently, expecting (but I should have done a little more research about it) a pass through function on my CR700, like I had with a few DSL modem routers I've had over the years. It doesn't work like that. The following URL shows that the bridging function works wirelessly, and is meant to share a single internet connection with two or more different wireless LANs: "https://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-442.html". The (short) function description is in the user guide, but I needed a visual example to see exactly how the bridging function works. From my attempts to work with the physical ports on the CR700 while in bridging mode, I think the device will allow a connection to only the CR700's management software. (Yep, your dedicated router is lying to you if it shows a connection to the Internet, and there's a physical connection between your router's WAN port and the CR700.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RafaelJeS View Post
    Is it possible to connect a desktop with a router, using a 20 metre lan cable, without using a switch? Sent from somewhere...


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