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Thread: hub not working

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    hub not working

    Model :

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    so I run a windows 7 and I bought this UH700 hub recently. For some reason the drivers for this hub would not automatically install. I've tried the driver on other computers and it works fine, so it is just something off with my computer. is there a way to manually install the driver? Or any solution would be fine too.

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    USB port on your Win7 PC is working OK? How did you test?
    It should not be a driver issue...

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    No its not working on the win 7 computer. I checked the device manager, for some reason the hub is just not getting the automatic driver. The hub is working on other computers fine however. I tried having the automatic online search but it just would not work. So I'm hoping that I can manually install the driver.

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    hub not wo

    Dont copy the dial file from koppel FWIf you want to use it, you dont have to change the connection to USER DIAL You have to change it to GPRS and fill in your provider details. But these was not working with your settings, or?

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    hub not wo

    By design the firmware doesnt support this. This can be done by own made scripts. USB hub can be used. This is very very hard work to do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathewrimb View Post
    Dont copy the dial file from koppel FWIf you want to use it, you dont have to change the connection to USER DIAL You have to change it to GPRS and fill in your provider details. But these was not working with your settings, or?
    I got the same issue that, it still not working

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    Are you trying to install an external USB hub?

    If so, what is the make and model number of the USB hub?

    Method 1:

    If there is a driver available for the USB hub, install that driver and see how it goes. Visit the support section of the device manufacturers website to get the download.

    Note: Install software and drivers before inserting the USB hub.

    Refer this link for help with driver updates.

    Update drivers

    Method 2:

    If there is no driver available, then Id recommend removing the driver currently installed and reinstalling the driver.

    Plug in the device before performing these steps.

    To remove and reinstall the driver, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, type devmgmt.msc without the quotes in the Open box, and then press Enter.

    2. Locate the device.

    3. Right-click on it and then click Uninstall to remove the driver currently installed.

    4. Restart the computer and see where it takes.

    If both the suggestions fail, see if getting the latest chipset driver helps.
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    hub not working

    I got the same problem as you,and the hub is still not working ,hope the hub soon will be online again.


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