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    How to Activate a Layer 3 License Upgrade on T2700G-28TQ

    If you have purchased License Key (T2700G-28TQ-L1000) from TP-Link’s authorized distributor. Please check the FAQ as below:

    FAQ890: http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-890.html
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    I'm also interested in this question. It would be great if somebody will be able to help with it. Thanks!
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    So have anybody found out how to do that? I have the same problem - can't activate a Layer 3. I would be grateful for somebody's help...

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    Looks like nobody know what to do with that problem... Well then I guess I can only ask for help at customer support service, I hope there I'll be able to find assistance with it.
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    Gods I thought that it's just my personal problem! I've send a letter to customer support so was waiting for answer.
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    So what? Any keys/ideas/access? I've written the letter and sent it to support but nobody answered me.
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    TP-Link doesn't sell licenses for now. If it could be solved, then only by contacting TP-Link, but most likely, this upgrade mechanism is not implemented.

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    Very interesting question. So do I need an answer. Who found it or does it still need to contact the support service and ask for help there?

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    very nice quetion. I don't know the answer I will also be waiting for best answer.
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