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    Lenght of time to charge unit

    Region : Canada

    Model : TL-PB10400

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    I just bought a new TP-Link Model TL-PB10400 V1.
    It only had 25% power remaining after opening the box (understandable).
    Plugged the unit into 110V outlet with my adapter and was hoping it would be fully charged in a short time.
    But it has been almost 4 hours and the little green lights are still lighting up one by one from right to left.

    Can you tell me how long it takes to fully charge the unit.

    Thank you

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    With a 5V/2A DC adapter, it takes 7-8 hours to fully charge it.
    With a
    5V/1A DC adapter, it takes about 15 hours to fully charge it.

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    it's not gonna charge fast, just wait for it. I got mine for about 10 hours or so.


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    comment and replay

    TP-Link TL-PB10400 Model V1 mine takes 14 hours full charge

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    It will take approximately half a day to fully charge

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    Unfortunately, powerbanks require quite a long time to charge. Leave it to charge during night

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    Mine needs even 12 hours to fully charge
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    Well, mine takes only 8 hours, maximum 9. But I bought it maybe a month ago, so it's brand new. Does it even matter?

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    Well, at the beginning it was around 8 hours as well. Now it is 10-11. I think I will buy another one, it's too much for a charge!
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    TP-Link TL-PB10400 Model V1 mine takes 14 hours full charge

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    Lenght of time to charge unit

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    Lenght of time to charge unit

    Excellent Charge a premium when you have to supply water, but install a dump valve so you don't have to tow all of that weight around all of the time ;- Great buy


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