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    TL-R480T+ v7 Error trying to apply bandwidth to WAN1 in a dual WAN configuration

    Region : UnitedStates

    Model : TL-R480T+

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    I have the latest firmware.
    2 WAN load balance.
    Under Network/WAN
    WAN1 will NOT allow me to adjust the up/down bandwidth values to match my dsl speeds.
    Each WAN is 768kbps up & 10240kbps down.

    When I hit the save button an odd error window pops up.
    It says "There is no enough bandwidth. Please enter another one!"

    WAN2 allows me to adjust the bandwidth just fine.

    I have tried rebooting; with the WAN connected; with the WAN disconnected; with the advanced/load balance feature turned off/on.
    Nothing seems to make a difference.

    I have searched google but again I am unable to locate the solution.

    Thank you

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    Wink There is no enough bandwidth. Please enter another one!

    In case anyone from TP-Link is watching, I think it should say... "There is NOT enough bandwidth. Please enter another one!" But, potato patato...close enough I guess. LOL.
    I had the same problem with a TL-ER5120. When I initially set everything up I didn't have any problems. But over time as settings were tweaked/adjusted I got this error one day also. What fixed it for me was this...

    Traffic Control
    Bandwidth Control

    Then I lowered the up and down bandwidth options under "List of Rules". Your bandwidth on this page might be set too high with the "individual" setting. I think when I initially set mine up, some were "shared" and when I changed the setting it caused the "no bandwidth" error. Basically if your numbers are to high on the "List of Rules" it will give you this error. I would assume it's going off of the "guaranteed" numbers. Alternatively you could probably raise the bandwidth from the page your on but that would defeat the purpose of actually setting it up. Hope this helps.



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