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    No traffic monitor in the TP-Link load balancing routers? Why not??

    Region : UnitedStates

    Model :
    TP-LINK TL-ER5120

    Hardware Version : V2

    Firmware Version : the latest

    Hello, I currently use the ASUS RT-AC66U router. It is really an excellent router. It even does load balancing over one port, although I've never really used it other for some testing because I didn't feel it was mature. However, it does have a live feed showing traffic usage and I can't imagine why a high end load balancing router like the TL-ER120 doesn't have this. In my opinion people should be able to know how much traffic is flowing over which ports with a modern graphing system.

    Does TP-Link just finish stable builds of these routers then give up on adding any future features? Because if they are open to adding future features I would really love to see a traffic monitor system shown as a set of graphs and real time displays of the traffic, configurable to show each port's data transfer, including QoS and what traffic is being balanced properly. It is very easy programmatically to create an HTML based graph showing a live representation of what is going on.

    Here is a picture of what the traffic manager looks like. Any chance we'll see the TP-Link load balancing router mature and show something similar to this? I would have happily paid another $30 for the router if it offered a traffic graph monitor.

    Can someone from TP-Link please reply and give a yes or no as to if this is a possibility to add to the devices in future firmware releases?

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    Does TP-Link actually monitor these forums? I know I submitted a ticket for this, but I'd like some discussion about.

    Any Load Balancing router users see this and agree with me? Please see what they are doing with the Tomato open source router software. Charts and graphs. I LOVE it! I don't know what programming language your routers are based on (NetBSD, Linux?) But there is TONS of code examples out there that would make for great real time charting for everything from total throughput, individual port throughput, traffic types by color, I can think of a hundred ideas off the top of my head (I'm an IT Consultant and former programmer). I love your load balancing router and would probably replace the 4 ASUS RT-66u routers I'm using (different locations), but to be honest - the interface of the ASUS is brilliant. All I'm asking for is a traffic monitor with basic graphics representations of the data. The below links show some examples that TP-Link could learn from and perhaps create their own versions of. I'm sure it wouldn't do this for most people, but to me it would add $30 in value to the device. Especially if there were multiple pages display different graphical representations of the different types of traffic that I could open up in separate web browser windows putting them on different monitors to get a full real time view.

    https://youtu.be/FnfdmN-Oq58?t=4m36s <- based on Tomato (the ASUS series are using their modded version of Tomato)
    https://youtu.be/khSu5xF95YQ?t=9m41s <- COOL QoS interface and real time speedometer.

    If I have an FTP transfer going on WAN 4, and HTTP on port 443 on WAN 2, IP Camera data (377777) on WAN port 1, etc etc - -- some balanced, some dedicated to specific ports -- I want a graphical representation to show me what traffic and what types are using up my total combined load balanced traffic. You could create a forum thread here allowing people to help build a database of port and traffic types (of course there are public lists, I'm saying add the best known ones to the router, then allow people to add and name other traffic types -- store it on the support.TP-Link.com where the router can pull these types down - think of it as a public domain version of allowing people to help build a list of traffic types that users can assign colors to for the charts and graphs.

    I guarantee that if you added great graphical feedback of traffic flows, you'd get people buying your router for more than business. Gamers are into the advanced QoS and having multiple WAN connections because they want to separate netflix and other heavy traffic to, say, their cable modem and play games on their DSL. Something that pure QoS doesn't always fix.

    Thank you.

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    Any update?

    Anyone knows or have any code to add a traffic monitor to WR841HP v3 ?




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