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    Unhappy TP-Link WA7510N Frequencies

    Region : India

    Model : TL-WA5210G

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 3.12.6 Build 130427

    ISP :

    I wanted to know why TP-Link doesn't enable all 5Ghz channels like the UBNT NanoStation M5.Like the UBNT NanoStation M5 has all the channels unlocked in it if TP-Link allow all these channels in.

    See the Images below of UBNT frequencies.

    Because of the channel limits the AP cannot connect to the other brands AP.

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    Check http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....Hz-to-6100-MHz
    Add support for extra frequency from 4920 MHz to 6100 MHz for 5GHz products.

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    This firmware is only for PharOS but i want firmware for TL-WA7510N which provide support for extra frequency from 4920 MHz to 6100 MHz.
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    If you try the latest UBNT firmware you will find that UBNT has disable 4920 MHz to 6100 MHz in the latest firmware..

    It is a additional feature, you cannot expect every product provide the same features..That's impossible for all brands.

    Pharos and the old TL-WA7510N are totally different models, I don't know whether the chipset of TL-WA7510N support extra frequency or not.

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    Do you know that the AirGrid M5 and TP-Link WA7510N has same hardware like same chipset but different flash size.
    I just only need to
    1.remove the resistor and solder a long jumper in the radio path along the ground bus.
    2.Cut the track and solder jumper on Reset.
    3.Change the old 4MB flash chip to 8MB flash chip.
    I have done it with my second WA7510N ard changed the bootloader to redbootloader and flash it with UBNT AirGrid M5 firmware.Now the Tp-Link WA7510N becomes Air Grid M5.

    But in my first router TP-Link firmware was installed but they do allow the extended frequencies,i want them to allow all the 5 GHz frequencies like AirGrid M5.

    See the pictures what i have done with my second WA7510N

    Done The router just converted to AirGrid M5 which allows all 5 GHz frequencies.

    This concludes to that TP-Link has software limitations.
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    Nice job, and as @coca koala posted, Tp-Link and all brands had to make changes
    read Modify transmisson power per region to compliant with regional regulations.
    due to regulations, of course as you prove it you can always get away with it, by taking a short cut.
    But you are violating country regualtions, people who are in WISP business, might get in trouble
    in certain contries, in case of my country Mexico, you get away even with it.
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    I am not violating the country regulations anyway because the TX power is in control and the firmware of AirGridM5 also follows country rules and regulations.
    I just want TP-Link to make them better than Ubiquiti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddhant001 View Post
    I am not violating the country regulations
    Im not telling you what to do or not to do, this is free will
    but again on post #5 @coca koala is correct, surf UBNT forum and you will read how mad the users are, cause new FW is with Country regulations, in your 7510 the FW wont behave regulated, and if you surf others forums you will see how UBNT users hacked the FW to apply compliance test, Tp-Link call it .Test Mode, once you get back compliance test on the menu, you are free to apply any freq. you wish, on a original UBNT device, but that does not mean WISP suppliers will work regulated, of course in your case, you are free to apply any change you wish, no one is going to knock your door
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    I know that way i am also in that you said "and if you surf others forums you will see how UBNT users hacked the FW to apply compliance test,".But i can unlock it by running a script.
    How to add Compliance mode to UBNT firmware version 5.5.10

    1.First reset your UBNT device.
    2.Then ssh in it using putty.Double click on putty.exe
    3.Under Host Name (or IP Address).Put default address of your UBNT device.
    4.And select connection type SSH.
    5.If any dialogue box opens select "YES"
    6.It asks for user name and password
    7.Use Username:...ubnt
    Use Password:...ubnt
    8.Then copy and paste this command in it.

    touch /etc/persistence/ ct

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    @Siddhant001 Your knowledge is not in question, by your posts it's more than clear.
    I been following your 2 post, interesting information, but I don't think they will be answered, Tp-Link changed at the end of 2014 with the launch of the Pharos line, last time they upgraded 7510 was date 24/04/2013 so this means 7510 is a Legacy device
    Today Tp-Link has a new Global web, changes had been made and we will see more coming, but on the new lines like Pharos.
    You will find the answers you are looking for at DD-WRT and OpenWrt forums.

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    I just need one answer that is is there is any way by which i can modify the TP-Link firmware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddhant001 View Post
    I just need one answer that is is there is any way by which i can modify the TP-Link firmware.
    At OpenWrt forum you will find lots of people like you in Hardware Hacking area here https://forum.openwrt.org/viewforum.php?id=15

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    Thanks for replying

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    @Siddhant001 congratulations for debricking your 7510
    Now you won't ever loose a device
    I'm curious and want to learn, you posted the reason
    i fed up openwrt because it dosen't have DFS channels.
    My curiosity, the use of DFS channels, is your Country regulation or something you need.
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    You are on OpenWRT also.


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