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    TP-Link MC112SC can be support for GPON technology?

    Region : Argentina

    Model : MC100CM

    Hardware Version : V3

    Firmware Version :


    Dear All,

    I am using ftth of HPTEL - VNPT at Hai Phong city - Vietnam.
    The HPTEL - VNPT gave to me an modem/router with 1 fiber cable plug directly to it. They are using ZTE device so it does not stable, and I never believe that device in secure.

    So now, I would like to use MC112SC with TL-R480T+ for connecting internet.

    But I don't know MC112SC can support GPON technology?

    Thank you,

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    Hi, I think the MC112CS can not achieve your purpose. MC112CS can only translate optical signal and electric signal in Ethernet network, that is to say it supports EPON only.
    But you can use the ZTE modem as bridge mode and then connect it to the R480T+.

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