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    Configuring IPsec VPN behind a modem + dlink router.

    Region : Malaysia

    Model : TL-ER604W

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    Hi TP Link,
    I am resided in Malaysia, and I just bought a:

    TP-Link TL-ER604W SafeStream Wireless N Gigabit Broadband VPN Router.
    Firmware is upgraded to latest.

    In my country, I am using Unifi ISP provider and they actually provided a modem + unifi DLINK router which we cannot substitute it (means directly PPPoE on it) - as the TL-ER604W is not compatible with it. So dynamic IP is needed for the TP-ER604W.
    So i need to configure a VPN - and using ShrewVPN as client in a topology as such.
    I already setup all the required IP address.
    But I not sure what I am missing, hereby is the topology:

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    The main reason is because I want to use it to setup a VPN to my local LAN. So my friends can connect to my LAN through ShrewVPN.
    In my country, our ISP is called Unifi, and seems like I tried hard to use this router to directly connect to my ISP modem, with all the correct username/passwords and settings (PPPoE/Russian) - but still cannot connect through.

    Is it possible to connect this router to the D-link Unifi Router?
    Means there will be 3 devices from the (Modem) --> Dlink Unifi Router --> TP-link VPN router.
    If yes, can you tell me how? and will the VPN still works?

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    Follow the following guide to check your settings.

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    Thanks M Diamond,
    Actually I already configured everything - forget to attach the whole configuration images - all of them.
    I already setup everything earlier as per the link you send me, I not sure what I missing here.

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    Thanks for the help.... (Y)


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