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    TL-SG2210P Trunking

    Region : UnitedKingdom

    Model : TL-SL2210WEB

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 1.0.0 Build 20140702 Rel.61825

    ISP :


    I own a TL-SG2210P and am looking to trunk my VLANs accross to a HP switch. I cant seem to find the trunking option on the TL-SG2210P. Is this not possible or do TP Link use different terminology?

    Kind regards

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    Its called LACP or 802.3ad and that has it http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/d...specifications

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    Oct 2017
    I know this is two years old but I was looking to achieve the same thing. I was looking to trunk VLANs to an ESXi host and via an up-link to another TL-SG3424 switch. and I could not find anything specific to achieve this on the TL-SG2210P, so ended up creating all the VLANs manually and adding the ports as tagged to the VLAN,

    I do not believe the answer given is the correct answer. LACP seem to be to do with LAG, (link aggregation groups) rather than VLAN trunking. I did try messing with this, but was unable to achieve anything.

    This seems like a bit of a phaff but is OK for a few VLANs, but I wouldn't like to configure 4094 this way.


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