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    Problems obtaining IP address via Archer C7 configured as an access point

    Region : Argentina

    Model : TL-WDR4300

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : Archer C7_V1_140704

    ISP : AT&T U-verse

    I've configured my Archer C7 as an access point as described at "http://www.tp-link.com/en/article/?faqid=417". I've contacted TP link technical support twice on the phone to troubleshoot. I had my ISP replace my modem in hopes that was the problem. However all this has been to no avail and my Archer C7 simply will not work correctly as an access point! I'd appreciate any assistance you can provide. Otherwise I suppose I'll try to return the C7 to the retailer...

    Here's my setup:

    1. I have one modem/router and I'm trying to set up two access points. My modem/router is an Arris NV5809 provided by my ISP. I have an Archer C7 and and Archer C20i that I'd like to use as two separate access points.

    2. Currently The Arris NV5809 is set as the router to assign client IP addresses via DHCP. I have disabled the wireless broadcast on this unit. But I have tested and the wireless does work fine. Computers connected via ethernet LAN function correctly as well.

    3. I changed my Archer C7's LAN IP address to be outside the DHCP range of my modem/router and disabled DHCP. When connected to the C7 via ethernet, computers seem to have little/no trouble but when connecting via wireless they have a very hard time obtaining an IP address. Over wireless, more frequently than not they simply cannot obtain an IP address at all and as a result the wifi connection just does not work. Also, the ethernet LAN port on the Arris NV5809 that connects to the C7 blinks amber while the other ports blink green.

    4. The Archer C20i is LAN connected to the same modem/router in another location as an access point and that seems to be working fine. The configuration is identical to the setup I have with the Archer C7, except that I named the C20i's LAN IP address to be different from the C7 so there is no conflict.

    5. As both the C7 and the C20i are dual band AC routers, I set the SSID/security for the 2.4 ghz signals so they match, and then did the same for the 5 ghz signals (i.e. two 2.4 ghz broadcasts named the same, and two 5 ghz broadcasts named the same). I set each broadcast's channel such that they don't overlap with one another. I have most computers and devices connected to the 2.4 ghz SSID, and I configured the devices that do HD streaming to the 5ghz SSID for faster speed.

    6. I do have a third router (netgear something) running in a guest house, as a router, on a different subnet. I would prefer to leave this separate from the main network but I suppose if this is the culprit I could reconfigure it as an access point on the same subnet as well. I'm certainly not a networking expert but I don't understand how that could be causing the problem. It's been set up like that for years without issue.

    Are there known issues with the C7 causing problems like this? It would seem that others have experienced similarly as I have:
    Thread: Use 2 Archer C7's as Wireless Access Points? ("http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread.php?78521-Use-2-Archer-C7-s-as-Wireless-Access-Points")
    Thread: Archer C7 v2 won't act as Access Point (won't relay DHCP requests) ("http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread.php?78567-Archer-C7-v2-won-t-act-as-Access-Point-%28won-t-relay-DHCP-requests%29")
    Thread: Dual C7 V2's as wired access points ("http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread.php?78354-Dual-C7-V2-s-as-wired-access-points")

    One peculiar thing is that if I first attempt to connect a device to one of the C20i's broadcast it usually will swap to the C7 as I move away from the C20i and closer to the C7. However vice versa is not the case--the C7 broadcasts just don't seem to allow the devices to pull the IP address correctly and they sit forever in a loop attempting to connect.

    And so since the Arris NV5809 and the Archer C20i both seem to work okay, I'm left wondering about the C7.

    One thought I have is that it may be the C7 firmware that is causing the problem. I upgraded to firmware "Archer C7_V1_140704" last week. I didn't seem to have any issues before then when I was using the previous firmware "Archer C7_V1_140402". If the firmware is causing the problem, how do I rectify? Can I reflash the firmware, same process as the first time? Or can I rollback to the previous firmware?

    If it will resolve my problem, I'm open to setting the C7 as the router and tying the C20i in daisy chain off of it as an access point. This would presumably require putting my ISP's modem/router in bridge mode, but I'm not sure I understand the implications that will have on my overall network. I don't necessarily need all the computers & devices on my network to communicate with one another, but I do want them to connect to the wireless broadcasts easily (from the two TP Link access points) and for them to seamlessly swap to the strongest broadcast as I move throughout the house.

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    What a long post!
    The latest firmware for C7 V1 is 141204 instead of 140704. You can reflash the old firmware in the same way as upgrade the firmware.
    Reset the device to factory defaults and reconfigure it after upgrade.

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    Thanks for your help Vivian! Sorry for the long post. I've was troubleshooting all last week and took notes. Thought I'd provide in the event any experts out there knew if any of that info was applicable to my problem.

    Turns out I was mistaken in my initial explanation. My C7 is actually version 2.0. And the firmware I was running is version "Archer C7_V2_V3_141110". Apologies for the confusion with my initial explanation. I was away from home when I posted yesterday and I forgot that the C7 hardware was version 2 and I mistakenly referenced the incorrect firmware versions. See below for an update on my troubleshooting attempts.

    My original purchase receipt is attached. I bought the C7 from Amazon on 12/29/2014.


    1. I flashed the previous firmware version "Archer C7_V2_131217" and after the C7 seems to work fine.

    2. Then I flashed back to the updated firmware version "Archer C7_V2_V3_141110" and the C7 stops working again (devices can't obtain IP addresses wirelessly as described in my initial explanation).

    3. So I rolled back and flashed the previous firmware version "Archer C7_V2_131217" again and the C7 works again no problem (devices can connect wirelessly).

    I also noticed that when the C7 is running on the newer firmware version "Archer C7_V2_V3_141110", even when devices are connected to my other access point (Archer C20i) the C20i's throughput is diminished. (My C20i is running the most current firmware version "Archer_C20i_V1_141117" and works perfectly fine when 1) the C7 is not connected to the network and/or 2) the C7 is running the previous firmware version "Archer C7_V2_131217".

    I'm also wondering why the ethernet LAN port on my Arris NVG3809 that connects my C7 blinks amber. I know the C7 has gigabit LAN ports, but the Arris NVG3809 is gigabit capable and I have the connected Arris NVG3809 LAN port configured to "auto".

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    What does the amber LED indicate on theArris device?
    Very strange issue. You may just juse the old firmware if you have no trouble with it.
    Or replace it under warranty to test.

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    Same problem here.
    problem was introduced between firmware updates.
    see : http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....(131217-works)
    for similar issue


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