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    Angry TL-ER6120 dual-WAN VPN? - LAN-to-LAN IPsec doesn't failover

    Region : Canada

    Model : TL-ER6120

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 1.07

    ISP :

    The TL-ER6120 "Dual-WAN" and "VPN" seems to be in incompatible as far as IPsec LAN-to-LAN is concerned.

    LAN-to-LAN IPsec tunnels must be configured using either WAN1 or WAN2. But when there is a failover to the backup WAN, the VPN tunnels that were active on the primary WAN do not automatically switch to the backup WAN. And stay disconnected. (Until you manually reconfigure each tunnel to use the other WAN).

    The next logical workaround doesn't work either. It doesn't allow the creation of a pair of LAN-to-LAN tunnels, one using WAN1 and the other WAN2, complaining that no two IPsec tunnels can point to the same remote network. Despite the fact that only one WAN is active (w/ its VPN tunnels) until a failover actually occurs.

    I give up. I hope I'm missing something. Or could this be a rather major oversight in a router describing itself as "Dual-WAN VPN"? Has anyone used the TL-ER6120 with LAN-to-LAN tunnels and got it working with WAN failover?

    - Thanks

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    Apr 2017

    A year after...

    Hello a year after but im planning to buy one of this and want to know if you already try this:


    combined with this:


    maybe its the solution of what you are looking for (and probably to what im looking for also)

    Regards, Jose


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