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    Post [Beta Program] We are launching beta software tests here

    Dear TP-LINK forum members

    We are launching beta software tests here in this forum. Anyone that is interested in participating in the beta software testing and discussion is welcome.

    The purpose of the beta tests here is to provide customers with the opportunity to get access to upcoming features and help improve the software, giving TP-LINK the opportunity to test software in real-world scenarios before official final released.

    Beta software is not fully tested and shouldn't be treated as production software or used for any critical purpose. Beta software may contain issues or bugs and is considered under development, and beta software testers must be willing to accept these risks.

    We expect our beta participants to:

    -- Provide timely and thorough feedback on the beta software, especially on the new features and enhancements of the software, both good and bad. Include:
    1. Problem description
    2. The TP-LINK model number
    3. Beta software version
    4. Network Topology
    5. Other information might be relevant, such as your operating system, options you have changed from default configuration, etc.

    -- Be patient while issues are being addressed.

    -- Not spread or discuss beta anywhere else but the official TP-LINK forum. Unauthorized modification or distribution of beta firmware can lead to misuse and unwanted damage to other users outside the TP-LINK forum.

    -- Not request technical support from TP-LINK via official support phone lines or support@tp-link.com. All beta-related support will be provide on TP-LINK forum. All questions and comments should be directed to this board.

    Anyone not following the above rules may be disallowed to participate.
    Thanks very much for helping us make our products better! Your help here could make a considerable difference!

    The beta software will be released in the Beta Test sub-forum:


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    Wanted Beta firmware for support of frequency from 4920 to 6100 Mhz in WA7510N
    Region : India

    Model : WA7510N

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 3.12.6 Build 130427

    ISP : Sikka Broadband

    I have buyed new TP-Link WA7510N but there is no use of it for me so i think ed to participate in beta testing.So i want to know that does WA7510N supports these frequencies as the beta of PharOS supports.There is also a bug see in the pictures.
    Only the Wireless Setting doesn't loads correctly
    I have reset the device flash new firmware but the bug doesn't fixed.
    Even if the router is not connected with the AP the led's shows the full signal.

    I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit
    Device Tp-Link WA7510N V1
    Firmware 3.12.6.Build 130427

    Is there is any beta firmware for WA7510N for frequency support from 4920 MHz to 6100 MHz.

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    There is no such beta for TL-WA7510N so far.
    Kindly be noticed that we appreciate anyone who join the beta tests here but we are not able to develop every beta to full fill all functions on every model. Regards.

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    Is there is any ETA on Beta WA7510N

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    Quote Originally Posted by tplink View Post
    Dear TP-LINK forum members

    We are launching beta software tests here in this forum. Anyone that is interested in participating in the beta software testing and discussion is welcome.
    Hi, @tp-link
    Check please my request here
    Thank you!
    TP-LINK fan

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    I would be very interested to beta test firmware for the smarthome devices - I own several HS100 smart plugs

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    Any beta for WR941HP?

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    Any beta for Archer C2600?


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