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    Cool [Android APP] Tehter v1 for TL-WDR4900

    Region : UnitedStates

    Model : TL-WDR4900

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    Hi all

    TL-WDR4900 seems to be discontinued now and the Tether V2.0 no longer supports this old model.

    But as per my test we can still use Tehter V1 on TL-WDR4900.
    I think someone might need this version for their TL-WDR4900 so I upload this APP on the onedrive(skydrive) http://1drv.ms/1JkTMyp

    Hope it help

    Notice: This is the official V1 version of TP-LINK Tether which doesn't support the latest firmware of other models. And you must not update it via Google play if you want to keep it working for TL-WDR4900
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    Thank you @Tobacco

    I was kind of disappointed for the issue between my TL-WDR4900 and Tether V2.0 and looking around the reviews on Google Play where I saw the official reply, which finally led me to this thread.

    The Tether V1 still works for Tl-WDR4900. But it must not be upgraded after installation...

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    TL-WDR4900 doesn't support the latest firmware of other models??? now what can we use?


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