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    Failed to upgrade! solved

    Region : Argentina

    Model : TL-MR3220

    Hardware Version : V2

    Firmware Version : 1.1.3 Build 131112 Rel.31300n

    ISP :

    i start Update with Firmware M5350_V1_140311 and get this Error:
    07:37:16: M: 6(invalidE)
    07:37:17: M: 2(normal)
    07:37:17: Device CONNECTED! Port CONNECTED: 15
    07:37:24: Device SYNCHRONIZED!
    07:37:24: Compiled the current firmware: Apr 02 2010 14:42:40
    07:37:24: Failed to get device hardware version. (ERROR NO. 110.)

    Model: M5350
    Firmware Version: 1.1.3 Build 131112 Rel.31300n
    Hardware Version: M5350 v1 00000000

    what can i do to install the new Firmware?
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    i solved the Problem.
    I get a Beta Update Tool vom TP-Link and this work.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm having the same issue. Where can I find this beta update tool?


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    Update the firmware to version 140929 http://www.tp-link.com/pe/download/T....html#Firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treblklef View Post
    Hi Guys,

    I'm having the same issue. Where can I find this beta update tool?


    I'm having the same issue, where can I find the beta update tool please?
    When I try to upgrade, the display of the M5350 goes blank, and connection is lost...

    Or is there another way to upgrade (via browser?)



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