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    Question TL-R480T+ need to be reboted each day and no support

    Region : UnitedKingdom

    Model : TL-R480T+

    Hardware Version : V6

    Firmware Version : 5.2.2 Build 20140422 Rel.59193s

    ISP : Orange

    Hello all,

    I have a big trouble with my TL-R480T+. Each day I need to reboot it. When i'm online, I have no more access, or sometime only access to opened connection (skype for example if i'm on call), but all others access are down, and the admin interface is unavailable.

    After reboot, all are open, and I have access to the TL-R480T+ config interface.

    I'am alone ?

    There is another version of the firmware (only found 5.2.2 Build 20140422 Rel.59193s online) ?
    There is a doc to the telnet acces ?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Exclamation TL-R480T+ V6 always needs reboot everyday

    you are not alone. I decided to upgrade the firmware to v7 but worst thing happen after the upgrade - the device is unresponsive - only power indicator is on.

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    TL-R480T+ hangs

    Same problem every other day

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    TL-R480T+ V6 always needs reboot everyweek

    We have the same problem.

    Firmware Version: 5.2.2 Build 20140422 Rel.59193s
    Hardware Version: TL-R480T+ v6.0

    I guess i'm lucky in that we get about 1 week between having to power cycle.

    Come on TP-link. This isnt your normal Quality.

    What gives ?

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    TL-R480T+ freeze

    I have the same problem. It's a v6 router purchased in Aug 2014. I updated the firmware to the latest (140422) firmware, but that didn't help. The freeze occurrence is independent of the activity on the links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msravi View Post
    I have the same problem. It's a v6 router purchased in Aug 2014. I updated the firmware to the latest (140422) firmware, but that didn't help. The freeze occurrence is independent of the activity on the links.
    Report it here to see how TP-LINK people say and share it...
    Last edited by Vivian; 11-26-2014 at 08:53.

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    TL-R480T+ freeze

    I've reported it and their support is ongoing. So far, they've asked me to do a factory reset and reconfigure to see if it helps. It did not. The router froze up multiple times during the day even after a factory reset and reconfiguration. Will update as and when there is progress.

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    Ok, an update. My configuration used to have 2 WAN links declared as primary, and 1 WAN link declared as backup. TPLINK support asked me to try using only 1 WAN as primary and 1 as backup. So I removed one of the WANs I had as primary, and ever since (3 days running), the router has not frozen. I used to have it freeze multiple times in a day before this. I'm hoping the router will continue to hold - will update if it doesn't.

    I asked them why declaring multiple WANs as primary links was an issue, and they've said that they'll check and get back.
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    R 480 T + frozes with the new firmware


    I have a R480T+ with 3 Wan connection.
    I used this router with the original firmware 1-2 month and i have no problems.
    I will use the snmp function but this function is only a newest firmware.
    I have updated, and then the router frozes (only config site) after 2-3 days. internet acces is fine on all lan client, but after 4-5 days the port forwardings not work.
    I have no idea what is the original frimware version but with the old sw have i no prooblem.
    I have tried the factory ,re-config, re- firmware updated but same frozing.
    On the website is only a new frimware.
    I have yesterday the Support team email sending, i waiting for the new sw what work fine.
    I think the problem is with the flash, while the left-hand navigation bar does not work after 2-3 days, and i think the flash module frozes the router sw.

    sorry for my english.

    Thanks for any info for this problem.

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    Exclamation Same issue here TPLINK R480T+ v6 last firmware needs daily reboot

    About the solution posted, how do you set a WAN as primary and the other as a backup?

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    Go to Advanced->Load Balance->Link Backup. If you mouse over the listed WAN ports, +P and +B buttons appear. Click on +P to declare the port as a "primary" connection, or +B to declare the port as a "backup" connection.

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    Update: The problem still occurs, although the frequency of failure has come down to about once in 7-10 days. TPLINK support has not responded to my renewed support request.

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    Members Mavis is on a distinguished road
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    Nov 2012
    Your guys didn't read Vivian's post?
    About such kinds of issues, you'd better contact TP-LINK directly. Here is the forum not TP-LINK support.

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    Just written to the support:

    Router fails to give the http page and needs a reboot.-

    Dear Sirs,

    good morning. Please note that my problem has already been discussed here: http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....and-no-support.

    Sometimes it stops to respond to the http port 80 requests and, even if it seems continue routing, it needs a restart to give respond to the http command. Why does it happen?

    I don't agree with using it not fully (it seems you already wrote to use "only 1 WAN as primary and 1 as backup", on the previous said forum) because in this case I want my money back directly from you, if you confirm this is a known limit. Otherwise, prepare ASAP a new firmware that fix it.

    Kindly advice.

    Best regards.

    I hope they will answer me soon.

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    Hi guys,

    good morning. This is my update on this matter:

    Dear Mr. Nick,

    good morning and thanks for your fast reply. Here you have my answers:
    1.1 In my personal case the router still continue routing;
    1.2 When the problem appears, it's not possible to ping the router anymore;
    2.1 I have between 10 and 20 devices in the LAN;
    2.2 I have no "heavy load applications" in my network.

    Best regards.

    Il 25-Feb-15 10:18, Nick Ning ha scritto:
    Dear Customer,

    Sorry for all the troubles caused.
    This is Nick from TP-LINK Technical Supoort, hope I can help you.

    You know, to solve the problem, we need to know how to reproduce it.
    (We have a TL-R480T+ V5 running in our labor for more than two months, with two WANs, all is OK.)

    Please help to confirm the following information.
    1. About the problem.
    1) As you said, when the problem happens, the router is still routing, can you please re-confirm this point?
    (When the problem happens, are you able to access the Internet from computers on LAN?)
    2) Are you able to ping LAN IP address of the router from the computers on LAN?

    2. About your network environment.
    1) How many devices are there in LAN?
    2) Is there any special application that may cause a burst heavy load in the network?

    Also, if you do not mind, please try to remove other ISP from the router, keep only one WAN working on the router, will the problem still happen?
    Please keep this test for at least 10 days if the problem do not appear again.



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