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    TL-R860 Won't Assign IP Address

    Region : UnitedStates

    Model : TL-R860

    Hardware Version : V5

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    As a precursor, I know just enough about networking to be dangerous. I have a 12-year old Linksys BEFSR81 cable/DSL (no wireless) router

    on my home network, attached to a Time Warner cable modem. Attached to the Linksys router are several devices, including a D-Link DIR-615

    wireless router, with the DHCP disabled, and a Honeywell RTH9580WF wireless thermostat. Recently I started having random internet dropouts

    on the system, and traced the problem to the aging Linksys router, so I purchased a used TP-Link TL-R860 cable/DSL router from Amazon to replace

    it. A couple of the devices on my system have static IP addresses in the range, and the cable/DSL router has DHCP

    addresses starting at and up.

    Here's my problem. When I replaced the Linksys router with the TP-Link router, everything connected up perfectly, with the exception of

    the Honeywell thermostat. It gives me the message that my system couldn't assign an IP address to it. I know that it is talking to

    the wireless router because I can input an incorrect password, and it will give me the message that the password is incorrect. The

    thermostat cannot be given a static IP address; it has to be assigned by DHCP. I set it back to factory default, but that didn't work. I

    temporarily replaced the D-Link wireless router with a Netgear DIR-615 router and got the same results. I then put the old Linksys cable/DSL

    router back in the system, and the thermostat quickly attached to the network. So, after all this troubleshooting, I am convinced that the

    problem is in the "new" TP-Link TL-R860 cable/DSL router. I have reset the cable modem, cable/DSL router(s), wireless router(s), and

    thermostat more times than I care to count. I have tried several of the non-standard settings on all routers, mostly settings that I don't

    understand, with no luck. I've read a little about "unblocking port 443", but don't fully understand it. Can this be the problem? The

    problem with this is, I think it needs an IP address to unblock for, but the thermostat doesn't have an address. Or should it be the

    address of the wireless router?

    So, what is my problem? I gave up after two full days, and am just living with the faulty Linksys router for now. I'm starting to think

    that the used TP-Link router that I purchased from Amazon is bad. Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments are certainly welcome!

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    Did you resolve your issue?

    I have the same exact issue with a Honeywell Wifi Thermostat and my TP Link router. Have you resolved your issue? Honeywell was no help to me. I also went through all the steps you did. I understand your frustration.

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    Issue Resolved?

    Did you resolve your issue? I have the same problem with a TPLink and Honeywell Wifi thermostat. Would be interested to hear about your outcome. Honeywell has been no help.

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    Well, I resolved it, but not in a good way. I finally gave up after way too many hours and went a different direction. I wanted the TP-Link router because of the 8-ports. So, what I ended up doing was configuring a 4-port wireless router with the radios turned off, and fed it with an additional 8-port Ethernet switch to get all the ports I needed. Just another piece of hardware sucking electrons and something else to go wrong. I even went so far as to purchase a new TP-Link TL-R860, thinking the used one I had was defective, but the new one didn't work any differently. So I now have two of them sitting on the shelf. TP-Link obviously has a firmware issue. I periodically check for updates, but nothing has changed. You are the second person, other than myself, that I know of that has this problem.

    ARE YOU LISTENING TP-LINK? You need to fix your problem.
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    Same issue is happening to me, but I have a Honeywell Thermostat and a Netgear router.
    I assigned the mac address a perm IP inside my DHCP server as a reservation so I knew what IP it was going to take.
    But, I see that it is "active" in my DHCP server, but I don't see it when I try to ping it.

    My main problem is that I can't get the thermostat to connect to the Honeywell's servers so I can just maintain the thing
    via an iphone, or ipad. .... the werid thing here is that a silly FAQ showed that I need to open 443 for access to the thermostat from Honeywell if
    my thermostat keeps showing up "Connecting..."

    I also went as far as to create a hotspot on my iPhone and see if the thermostat would connect to that wifi SSID, and it did, and without issue got
    connected and I was able to see the device on Honeywell's site.

    Yes, very frustrating that I can't simply just use my home wifi network to get the Honeywell an IP and get it connected.

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    anyone solved this

    has anyone solved this, i just got this thermostat and have the same problem.


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    Jeremy, your router is TL-R860?
    Did you contact
    thermostat's technical support and ask for some help? Can you update driver for the wireless card of thermostat?

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    Similar issue with TP-Link Archer c8

    I also have an issue with connecting the Honeywell to my TP Link Archer C8 router. It's slightly different, however. I either get a "password invalid" error or a "timeout" error. The thermostat will connect fine to my iPhone hotspot and if I turn off the security on my guest network it also connects. Anyone have ideas on this one?

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    Make sure that you have "automaticaly detect ip" checked under internet connection properties in my network connections. Or you could try cmd--> ipconfig /renew. this will do the same thing. I belive the problem is that you have a staic ip set on your laptop that is on a diffrent subnet or out of range for your friends network. if there is encryption on the network make sure that you are using the password. They might have mac filtering on, if they do your kinda screwed. try the ipsettings first.
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