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    Angry dataplus

    Region : Australia

    Model : TD-W8980

    Hardware Version : V2

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    Purchased a TD-W8980 and also a TL- WDN3200 for the laptop that is situated approx. 9 metres away from the modem, the internal walls are only plasterboard so there is no great drama with loss of signal, well not up until now, with the previous system D-Link DR 655 the wireless function worked fine but was a little slow, belter performance when using the Microsoft networking system.

    The TD-8980 has been configured to Factory settings apart from changing the entry name and password,

    The problem is when using the laptop in either 2.4 or 5.0 there is a continual dropping out of the web page requiring a Left click of the Mouse to recover the page, bloody annoying when you are trying to type in information in an online form, the speed ( yes I realise that the 300 mentioned is theoretical) can fluctuate anywhere from 20 to 60 % (the lowest being 20% the highest being 216% the latter gained by placing the laptop within less that a metre of the modem. When using the Microsoft networking method (no WDN3200 USB attached) there is a steady 75% of signal strength with no drop outs on the 2.4 channel, I have already taken one WDN3200 back for exchange ( it used to lock up on the shutdown of the laptop with the screen displaying "shutting down", when the USB was removed the laptop would then shut down as normal.

    While I make no claim to the a tech person in these matters but it seems to point to the strength of the signal from the modem to the USB and the dropping out of the signal strength thereby causing the web page to need to be refreshed by left clicking the mouse, the wired connection is no problem getting consistent 5.46 Mbps download and 0.84Mbps upload and for a non gamer is fine

    So any thing I can do in the changing settings department or is this model just one of those that has this problem and in the end you either "bin it" or return it and continue researching for something that actually works straight out of the box in the wireless department, comments on other sites indicate this hardware is "buggy" and to return it

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as to stopping the drop outs and increasing the speed via wireless

    19th Sept Repositioned the modem (off the desk) and half way up the wall, signal now reads 300 on the USB but still have to left click to refresh web page, bloody annoying when typing as there is no warning and only half the work on the screen any ideas
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